Perfecting Your Glutes

Women are obsessed with them. men are obsessed with them on women. Even I used to look at the back of my legs and frown. That is until I added kettlebell training to my workouts. Getting those glutes can be a real pain in the ass! ( pun intended) Often people believe its their genetics that are holding them back which couldn’t be further from the truth and its often just because a lack of knowledge on how to train them. If you are one of those who wants to have a higher, more firm andpronounced derriere then add the “2-handed kettlebell swing.”

The 2 handed kettlebell swing also known as “The king of all exercises” is all you need for dramatic changes in your glutes and hamstrings.
Equipment: Just one standard kettlebell which looks like a canon ball with a handle one it.
Tips: For women start off light with a 10-15 lbs kettle bell.
For men start off with 20 lbs. Work your way up to match your intensity level. Never Sacrifice weight for posture or form.
*Stand with your feet 6-12 inches outside of your shoulder width. Angle your toes about 30 degrees out
*Keep your shoulders pulled back to avoid rounding your back
*Lower the Kettlebell into the groin area and bend your legs as if attempting to sit in a chair
*Thrust your hips forward while launching the kettlebell. Imagine you are trying to pinch a penny between both cheeks
*Keep your arms straight and let the launch of your hips thrust the kettlebell into the air. Dont let go!
Protocol: Doing this exercise for 1 set of 75 repetitions 2-3 times a week is all you need to see those changes.
It is intense so be prepared to get sweaty!
Have a great workout and stay tuned for more tips!
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Ab exercise that trims inches off your waist

          Hey everyone! First post here and I wanted to share one of my favorite exercises called the “Myotatic Crunch”. I use the Myotatic Crunch on myself and all of my clients to great benefit and fast results. Of all the years of training and experience this is one of the few exercises where you can see results within 2 weeks!

What is it: The Myotatic crunch is a variation of the standard crunch. A Bosu ball or swiss ball is all that is required to do it. What makes this crunch variation different is that it is great at recruiting the transverse abdominis, a.k.a. The corset muscle. If you have ever ached from laughing hard before then you have worked your transverse abdominis! Often ignored in favor of the rectus abdominis, the transverse abdominis brings your abdominals to set in, creating a tighter waistline.
How to do it: Sit low on the Bosu about 3 quarters of the way down. Raise your arms up so they are parallel with your ears. Rotate backwards and attempt to touch the ground behind you, stretch out as far as you can to get a full abdominal stretch for 2 seconds. Crunch up back to the starting position and hold for 2 seconds.
Tips: Make sure to keep your arms parallel with your ears the whole time. Keep your hips low and avoid bridging up when going backwards.
Sets/ Reps: Do 3 sets for 15 reps. Add weight to intensify the contractions. Women DO NOT use more than 10 lbs to maintain an hourglass figure.

 Have fun with this new addition to your workout. Let me know your results!