Perfecting Your Glutes

Women are obsessed with them. men are obsessed with them on women. Even I used to look at the back of my legs and frown. That is until I added kettlebell training to my workouts. Getting those glutes can be a real pain in the ass! ( pun intended) Often people believe its their genetics that are holding them back which couldn’t be further from the truth and its often just because a lack of knowledge on how to train them. If you are one of those who wants to have a higher, more firm andpronounced derriere then add the “2-handed kettlebell swing.”

The 2 handed kettlebell swing also known as “The king of all exercises” is all you need for dramatic changes in your glutes and hamstrings.
Equipment: Just one standard kettlebell which looks like a canon ball with a handle one it.
Tips: For women start off light with a 10-15 lbs kettle bell.
For men start off with 20 lbs. Work your way up to match your intensity level. Never Sacrifice weight for posture or form.
*Stand with your feet 6-12 inches outside of your shoulder width. Angle your toes about 30 degrees out
*Keep your shoulders pulled back to avoid rounding your back
*Lower the Kettlebell into the groin area and bend your legs as if attempting to sit in a chair
*Thrust your hips forward while launching the kettlebell. Imagine you are trying to pinch a penny between both cheeks
*Keep your arms straight and let the launch of your hips thrust the kettlebell into the air. Dont let go!
Protocol: Doing this exercise for 1 set of 75 repetitions 2-3 times a week is all you need to see those changes.
It is intense so be prepared to get sweaty!
Have a great workout and stay tuned for more tips!
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