What to expect: My training programs are fit to your individual needs. A good trainer will never throw you into the fire without a proper assessment of your limitations. I believe in building my clients base first before we get down to the more intense workouts. First session is always free!  Depending on your goals I offer a program that will challenge you physically and mentally but also stay just outside of your comfort zone to ensure we maintain constant progress.

Warm up: Before we do any training we will warm your body up with dynamic stretching which stretches you out, warms your muscles up as well as elevating your heart rate

Workout: Your workout will be individualized but we will cover a wide variety of styles from using the TRX, HIIT methods, Physique Sculpting and Functional Athletic Movements.

Post Workout: After the workout we will do a cool down and some stretches to improve your functionality and mobility. A quick pep talk, discuss nutrition, supplements, your goals and exercise program to get you on your way to feeling great!


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